Utu Nui is home to our two and three-year-olds. A safe, yet exciting space with activities and a lay out designed just for them.

With a team of Kaiako focussed on this group, they prepare activities, experiences and an environment that feels nurturing and warm, with added in excitement as they plan and prepare for the interests of the tamariki which evolve every day.

In Utu Nui, we are allow for choice and play and support an emerging independence as they transition from their warm and secure baby room, into the bigger space of Utu Nui and shared outside space with the bigger children of the Rangi room.

The Pikorua - Double Twist depict two new shoots growing together – it represents the joining of cultures and the bonding of friendship for life. We felt this fitted well with our Utu Nui room, as this is where tamariki start to welcome a variety of peers into their play and begin to form close bonds with particular peers.

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This is what we may expect our Utu Nui children to be able to do:

Social & Emotional

  • Show affection for friends
  • Turn taking
  • Understand the idea of “mine”, “his” and “hers”
  • Show a wide range of emotions (happy, angry, sad etc)
  • Self-help skills

  • Language/Communication

  • Follow instructions
  • Can name most of the familiar things
  • Understand words like “in”, “on” and “under”
  • Say their first name, knows their friends’ and teacher’s names
  • Carry on conversations using 2 or 3 sentences
  • Sing various songs

  • Cognitive (learning, thinking, problem solving)

  • Play make-believe with dolls, animals and people
  • Work successfully on puzzles and connecting games
  • Turn book pages one at a time
  • Able to hold a crayon, pencil, paint brush to draw and scribble

  • Movement/Physical Development

  • Climb well (may need supervision when needed)
  • Run easily
  • Dance to the beat of the music
  • Able to sit as part of a group