Bizzy Kidz Childcare is committed to staffing our centre with skilled caring people. Our team is a multicultural mix, reflecting the community we serve. We have a high proportion of fully qualified teachers and some who are in training, as well as teachers who have many years’ life experience with children. Our teachers also participate in regular professional development.

Bizzy Kidz is one of the most wonderful places to work. Our Kaiako are an incredible mix of ethnicity, age, experience and background giving us a collective spirit that is truly open, caring and encouraging. As one of our regular relievers say: “This is a really great place to come and relieve, there is a lot of aroha here, you can really feel it.”

Caring for our Tamariki

We believe in investing in our teachers due to this simple equation: teacher wellbeing = child wellbeing. We appreciate the individual contribution that each teacher makes to our awesome team, and we show our appreciation with extra days holiday for birthdays, cakes and presents on employment anniversaries, ample professional development opportunities, and team dinners and outings. These are some of the tangible things we do and in return, we trust that each member of our team feels valued and respected. This translates into a happy working environment and better learning outcomes for our children.

Te reo is a living language here. Everyone makes an effort and everyone encourages and celebrates it. We also celebrate and encourage the cultures of our centre which are diverse and which make our centre rich. Our cultural celebrations and love of our own and the cultures of others is a real strength.

We know we are lucky to have the warmth, friendship and teamwork that we do. We welcome new Kaiako to join our learning journey together.

We welcome ECE qualified and certificated teachers to join our team as we grow together.

  • Teachers encourage minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love. We have this approach at Bizzy Kidz and I love leading this centre, with this approach, through a respectful bicultural centre that encourages our diversity.Kaiako Ranelle, Centre Manager
  • Bizzy Kidz is an amazing multicultural environment where I have the opportunity to work with a variety of different children, teachers and whānau from all around the world. This has definitely enhanced my knowledge and skill as a teacher.Kaiako Sakura
  • I love our tamariki and their whanau, and what brings it together is the staff at this centre are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work.Kaiako Marissa
  • We are a fun whanau based centre with diverse cultures to learn alongside and also share with others. We are the most ‘funnest’ team ever!Kaiako Tahnz
  • I love Bizzy Kidz for its supportive management team and positive working environment.Kaiako Ayesha
  • Bizzy Kidz is a multi-cultural centre and the care they provide for the tamariki and their whanau promotes inclusion, respect and friendship. I love being a part of it.Kaiako Fellini
  • I have worked at Bizzy Kidz since 2019 and have since brought my own baby here too. Bizzy Kidz is positive, warm, welcoming, supportive I love its multi-culturaliam. We celebrate cultures, events and festivals from around the world. Great team Work!Kaiako Mandeep