babies room

Our warm kaiako (baby whisperers) in Ra room, welcome babies from birth.

Our open indoor space provides space for little ones to move, learn to crawl, cruise and walk, and also provides little nooks for little ones to hide away in – babies and new toddlers love small spaces to tuck away into, as well as open spaces to build confidence in moving. We have a lovely balance of both.

For our smallest babies, who are not yet mobile, we have a special enclosed space for them to be able to lie, roll and explore safely. The clear glass fence allows them to also watch the bigger babies and toddlers and still feel included and involved in the activity taking place around them.

Our Ra room has its own outdoor area, complete with trees, a large sandpit, small climbing and slide structure and a little whare for the little ones to again, tuck away into and read a book, chill or just observe the activities around them.

We have chosen the koru as our symbol representing the Ra room. The koru represents new beginnings. Perfect for our babies as they being their journey in life.

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The team in the Ra room is a mix of qualified early childhood educators and teachers with excellent life experience. All approach the children in their care with respect, love and commitment. Our youngest children cannot yet tell us what they need in words, so reading body language and getting to know your child very well is so important. We form strong bonds between our teachers and families.

Children between birth and two years of age are taking in an enormous amount of information. Our role as teachers is to help them to process that information and use it to their best advantage. This includes reaching physical milestones such as talking and walking, and also social achievements such as turn taking and sharing. It is important for us to recognise that each child learns at their own pace and in their own way.