Our teachers and professionals at Bizzy Kidz are offered:

A mentor - to support their professional development
Registration - fees paid, guidance and support through the new graduate, and ongoing teacher registration processes
Interlead Appraisal connector - to guide you and us through your professional development and registration
Responsibility - is offered to those who want to grow, gaining valuable project and assignment leadership skills
First aid training - we organise it and pay for it
Immunisations - we organise and pay for flu and whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus (boostrix) vaccines
A designated workspace - to focus on profiles, reports and other administrative roles you’ve chosen to lead
High ratios - regulations might say 1:5 is okay, we don’t. You’ll work in ratios above regulation at Bizzy Kidz
Networking - we like to try out, visit and learn from other settings. We are pleased that Childhood Concepts and Bizzy Kidz work together to build a collaborative future
Inclusive working - we have a diverse team which gives us incredible perspective and professional learning
Spacious, modern and newly built environment - our centres are todays centres. Refurbished and engaging with today’s environment aspirations
A social club - we like to kick back and have fun together. It’s not all about work
Overseas opportunities - We work with Millie’s House in the UK, offering employee exchanges for those keen to experience early childhood on the other side of the world!

What our teachers have to say

Upu - I like the opportunities we are all given to move into leadership responsibilities and start showing what we are capable of. Also working with a large dynamic group of amazing and experienced teachers.